Quantissa Smith was born in Wiesbaden Germany and is the mother of one amazing daughter, Trynity. Ms. Smith was born to be Authentic, and her name is a symbol of her authenticity. She is the visionary behind the vision of Authentic Artistry Phase 2. As the scripture says, “her gifts are making room for her. Each day she purposes to show the love of Christ bGetting Up... Getting Cute... Being Present for purpose.

 In 2013 Ms. Smith stepped out on faith, powered by her passion and love for design and created her home décor and design business venture. Ms. Smith helps her clients realize their décor and design vision for their home and business. Quantissa also help future interior decorators at Midlands Technical College, by teaching an Interior Decorating Class 101. 

Quantissa is a Decor & Design Specialist, Educator, Encourager and Author. Stay tune for what is next.